Online user’s guide for the Python Black Carbon Absorption package (pyBCabs)

Documentation is always under development, but mostly complete. A manuscript communicating the development of the morphology retrival was published by Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, and is available here.

NOTE TO USERS: When using pyBCabsorption, pay close attention to the units of the your inputs. Wavelength and particle diameters are always in nanometers, mass absorption cross-sections are in m2/g. If you use other units, your outputs may not make sense.

Install pyBCabs

The current version is 0.0.1. You can install pyBCabs from The Python Package Index (PyPI) with

$ pip install pyBCabs==0.0.1

or from GitHub. Clone the repository and then run

$ python install

Revision History

  • 0.0.1 (30 December, 2022)

    • Initial release.

Author Contact Information

pyBCabs was written by Payton Beeler.